21-Dragon III-CB

Dragon III .21 3-port Pre Brake-in Nitro Engine Combo


The is a 3 port 3.5cc off-road pre break-in engine. This combo includes a 2134 exhaust system. It only requires a few tanks of fuel, run easily in your car for the final break-in process. At that point you are ready to hit the track and go racing, providing a huge savings in time and money.

Brand: Alpha

Product Code: 4713051460520

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Dragon III is a 3 port engine that features the Dynamic Equilibrium Crankshaft and a 3 needle carburetor. The Dragon is designed for more fuel mileage, a more consistent idle and optimum all around performance. The engine comes with a stylish cooling head, 6, 6.5, and 7 mm venturi and a P3 Glow Plug. 

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