Complete Piston, Sleeve and Conrod Set


This is a replacement of 3 Port Piston, Sleeve & Conrod Set and is intended for use with Alpha Dragon V engine. This package includes not only the piston and sleeve, but also the connecting rod, wrist pin and wrist pin clips.

Brand: Alpha

Product Code: 4713051471465

Availability: 60

Piston: The lightweight full-milled piston provides the engine power acceleration, which allows for greater torque and better fuel efficiency.

Sleeve: The hand made cylinder liner sleeve improves the scavenging and exhaust efficiency, the effect is that this further increases the engine's acceleration and provides a higher speed when compared to our previous versions, while retaining the smooth and linear throttle feel.  

Piston* 1
Sleeve* 1
Conrod* 1
Piston Pin Clips* 2
4*13.75 Piston Pin* 1