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Congrats to Mark Sanchez 2018/7/20

Congrats to Mark Sanchez, who won Amain 3rd in DJO RC Raceway in Wapakoneta, Ohio.

"Race Report 7/14/18 from Djo Rc Raceway in Wapakoneta, Ohio.

On Saturday I was able to get to the track about an hour into the practice session. I had personal errands to take care of that didn't let me get there as early as I wanted to. But my cars were already ready and the layout didn't change except for it was to be a night race. I was able to run a few tanks out on my nitro buggy and get my alpha dragon 4 tuned in for the warm day. Tires to start out with were soft endures and soft cityblocks on the truggy. The track was alittle dusty but a slight groove already developed in practice.

Quals went pretty well but I did change the shock fluid out of the front to 650wt and the back had been changed during the week to 600wt in buggy. Third round I moved to soft zipps and left the same tires on the truck. I ended up qualifying in 4th in etruggy and 2nd in nitro buggy in the a mains. The a was filled with some very fast drivers. Since the sun had set and traction had came up considerably I was on super soft double downs on buggy and gridiron 2s on truck.

The e truggy main went pretty well. I was slowed up a few times when I bumped people trying to get around them and waited on them to get back going again. I only had a few bobbles of my own and was able to finish 3rd.

The nitro main I had been trying out new things all day and during the week but I was very happy how it ended up. Again couple bobbles of my own fault but was pleased ended up finishing 3rd in that as well.

Both my cars handled great, My alpha motor turned out to be more and more of a powerhouse, aka tires worked awesome. I used sticky kicks blue and orange for the main and it helped a lot. My cow blaster, moo slick kept my cars clean, I used the udder butter on my shock rings for the rebuild.. great in critical small things. AMR wheel nuts kept my tires on snug and his motor mods make my already great engine screaming. Only thing that let me down on raceday was me. Could of been fatigue but I still drove and helped as best as I could. Thanks to my sponsors for letting me enjoy this great hobby.
from Mark Sanchez



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