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  Congrats to Felipe Martinez
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5 Steps to Prepare Your Self for Remote Control Racing Championship 2017/11/9

Why do we enjoy racing so much? Is it because of the thrill, the social bonding, the exchange of tips and ideas, the showing off of our new RC models? I guess all of these reasons are valid and they motivate us to be with each other, even if we’re running against each other.

The RC championships have a valuable contribution to the full-scale motorsports, mainly through the lessons they teach the young participants: they learn everything about car set-up and preparation and the rules of racing. Before entering competitions, any pilot should remember the most important rules: know your car, test it, practice, improve your skills, learn from the more experienced ones and drive your RC as if it were a real car.

There are a few steps everyone should know and follow before every race, and it's good to keep them in mind and respect them, so we could be more competitive and also have even more fun than we already do:

Do the set-up by the book

Seriously, take the manual with you, especially if you're new to RC racing, but also if you're an old-timer. Follow the instructions, don't miss any step and don't feel inspired to make unnecessary changes just before the race. Correctly installing the tires is an essential part of the set-up. Also, make sure the steering is right. Everything else should be a careful calibration to achieve the desired set-up, depending on the race, the type of RC vehicle or of what kind of pilot you are.

Analyze your performances

Evaluate your previous races: what did you achieve? Ask yourself what you can do to improve your average lap times, and this may help you get a better place next time. Learning about the performances of your RC car can help you try new strategies and thus become a better competitor. So check the RC Rank reviews or the forums to find out more about what your vehicle can do.

Practice last, not first

The best time for practicing before a race is after others have done this already and the conditions on the track are similar to the ones during the actual run. So don't hurry to catch the first place when practicing, better stay late and maybe you'll get the first place in the race. 

Inspect the tracks yourself

One of the best ways to know the dares of a race is to take a walk on the track. This way, you'll see possible obstacles, small imperfections that might challenge your vehicle. You'll get valuable information about the surface of the road, about the corners, so you'll be able to think a realistic strategy for your RC, considering its bright features but also its weaknesses.

Check the RC one day before racing

Don’t be the “last minute” kind of person, not even if you’re an experienced pilot. Check your race gear the day or the evening before the race. The advantage in doing this is that you will be more relaxed and cautious, so you’ll have a better chance to spot possible problems and to fix them in proper time.

Follow these steps, and with constant practice and the right mindset, you'll be a champion in no time. Best of luck!


James Rallor who is a writer and blogger, owns Blog On Dirt.



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